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-- Where is it ? --

Mingulay is the second most southerly of the group of islands known as the Bishops Isles which are to be found at the Southern tip of the Outer Hebridies. Mingulay which was inhabited until 1912 is situated 12 miles (19 km) south of Barra. The only Island in the Outer Hebridies chain to be found to the south of Mingulay is Berneray.

-- History --

Often referred to as 'The nearer St Kilda' Mingulay has Iron Age remains, and the culture of the island was influenced by early Christianity and the Vikings. From the 15th to the 19th century Mingulay formed a part of the lands of Clan MacNeil of Barra, but then suffered at the hands of absentee landlords.

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After two thousand years or more of continuous habitation, the island was abandoned by its residents in 1912 and has remained uninhabited since. It is currently used for grazing sheep. The National Trust for Scotland has owned Mingulay since 2000.

-- Books --

Most books listed will be available from any on-line book seller such as Amazon.

Mingulay - Ben Buxton

Ben Buxton documents the story of a people and of an island. In the last century, Mingulay was home to up to 160 people who lived by crofting, fishing and by catching seabirds on cliffs which are amongst the highest in Scotland. Looking back through the annals of history the author uncovers the traditions of a hospitable, close community which thrived under clan rule. But set in a stormy Atlantic ocean and with no proper landing place, isolation, absentee landlords and insufficient fertile land eventually led to the disintegration of the Mingulay culture. By 1912 the 'voluntary' evacuation of the island was complete.

Lonely Isles Rating 8/10 - The only book we are aware of that is dedicated to the island of Mingulay. For that alone is deserves respect. However, it really is a fascinating read and a must for anyone interested in the history of this isolated outpost. Only downside is book can be a bit dry and scholarly in it's tone but thats a minor point and does not detract from the books overall quality.

Barra And The Bishops Isles - Keith Branigan & Patrick Foster

First published in 2002, and gives an up-to-date look into the history of Barra and its adjacent islands (the southernmost Outer Hebrides). It begins with a look at the geology and ecology of the islands, and then moves into their history, going from the end of the last ice age 10,000 years ago to the enforced emigrations of the mid-nineteenth century. Along the way, the reader is treated to many pictures (most black-and-white, but some color), and a good deal of in-depth analysis.

The Braid - Helen Frost

A novel-in-poems for Young Adults which is partly set on Mingulay.

Two sisters, Sarah and Jeannie, are separated during the Highland Clearances in Scotland in 1850. Their stories are told in alternating narrative poems, braided at the edges in a form invented for this book, inspired by Celtic knotwork.

-- DVD's & Videos --

A Fagail Mhiughalaigh (Leaving Mingulay) - Maggie MacInnes

Released July,2009.The music on this,Maggie's fifth solo CD tells the story of the beautiful island of Mingulay with which Maggie has very strong family connections.Mingulay lies about 12 miles south of Barra in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland and was last inhabited in 1912.Maggie put together most of this music for a BBC documentary about the island produced by MNE Media.

The material includes original songs which were part of the islands rich Oral Tradition and new music composed by Maggie.Maggie's Great Grandparents were from Mingulay and she has always had a fascination for the place.The struggle of the people to survive on such a remote windswept island in a fast changing world supported only by their strong sense of community and their faith is a powerful and moving story.

Guests on this CD include Michael McGoldrick of Capercaillie on Irish Pipes and whistles;Brian McAlpine on Keyboards and accordian(Brian also co-produced the CD);Anna Massie and Kevin MacKenzie on Guitars;Finlay MacDonald on Chanter and whistles;Christine Hanson on Cello;Frank McGuire on percussion and Flora MacNeil(Maggie's mother) and Alison Buchanan on Backing Vocals

-- Links --

Isle Of Barra - If visiting Mingulay there is a good chance you will also be spending time in Barra which is the nearest habited island. This site will give you all the local information you could want.

NorthernLight Charters - Superb website which contains many excellent images of the Scottish Isles...including Mingulay. If you fancy the idea of visiting Mingulay and other lonely islands such as St Kilda then this is the site to check out. Runs regular charters throughout the summer months so weather permitting you could be on your way to Mingulay !!

Barra Fishing Charters - Barra Fishing Charters caters for sea anglers wishing to experience the rich fishing waters of the Minch, family trips experiencing the porpoise, seals, otters and numerous seabirds round Barra’s coast, and groups wishing to visit some of the uninhabited islands off Barra which of course include Mingulay.

Charles Tait Photography - Excellent selection of images from Mingulay.

Mingulay Wikipedia - A fact filled page on Mingulay from the superb free wikipedia encyclopedia.

Sadly despite the importance of Mingulay it's not an island which features greatly on the web. There are lot's of sites with passing references and even the odd photograph but in general the information out there is not great. The best source of reference on Mingulay is without doubt Ben Buxtons book.

Lonely Isles will continue to attempt to find as much information as possible on all of the islands featured on our site. Please continue to return to this page with the assurance that if any worthwhile links do appear for Mingulay then they will be added to the page.

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