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-- Where is it ? --

Inchmarnock is located 1 mile to the west of St Ninian's Point, off the west coast of the Isle of Bute, Argyll and Bute.

-- History --

Inchmarnock was home to St Marnoc who settled in the island and built it's chapel. People used to come from far and wide to hear him preach. Little remains of the chapel, St Marnoc's, that sat at the site of Midpark in the centre of the island. Several stone fragments of Celtic crosses have been uncovered near it and also other sculptured stones, one commemorating the Viking, Gutlief. These are now in Bute museum. The church remained in place till the 18th century when farmer Alexander McDonald used the stone to build Midpark farm.

A bronze Age cairn was discovered at Northpark and held the remains of what became known as "The Queen of the Inch", a 3500 year old woman decorated in a jet bead necklace and with a dagger. After the 3500 year old skeleton was carbondated it was returned to it's original tomb on Inchmarnock with a glass panel fitted to allow it to be seen. Walking past the tomb by the light of the stars requires a steady nerve said a previous owner. He was quoted as saying..."It is dark, it is quiet, it is lonely and the shadows in the skulls eye sockets follow every movement".

Once home to 30 people most of Inchmarnock last residents were evacuated during the second world war to allow a commando training area to be created. A large amount of damage was done and many areas are still covered by craters. Although the buildings at Northpark are occasionally used by the owner of the island, the remainder of the buildings lie empty or are derelict.

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Inchmarnock: An Early Historic Island Monastery and It's Archaeological Landscape - Christoper Lowe

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